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...doesn't Cowboy Caddy do the same thing-it is kinda like a bait and switch deal where they sell you something that really isn't what it is advertised to be?...seems I remember a few posts on this issue some time ago...The POWERHOUSE crew that I saw and spent some time with in Louisville at the RV Show was the most innovative group in the business....this other guy is kinda like S&S or something like it on that scale....utilitarian but very functional and well built-just without the glitz. I've built that way as my market is more towards the hunting and fishing 4X4 Nascar crowd which like indestructibility and form follows function.....I have a trailer that is to be built that is almost bullet proof- plate aluminum-2X2X3/16'' steel frame 16'' on center...foam on all surfaces-3 ea 6000# axles on a 24' unite-V-nose-party on roof-rear lift door to hold 4000# loading 4X4...and it is a cash deal.....there is a GOD some days!....geofkaye
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