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Yes, that was an Eaton Autoshift. An autoshift is with a clutch pedal and an ultrashift is without a pedal and both are manufactured by Eaton. Meritor also has an automated transmission without the clutch pedal and it is called a Freedomline and it is a 12 spd. The Volvo Ishift, by far, out performs all transmissions. While the Freedomline will skip-shift it is very rough and jerky when starting out. Many complaints have been stated about backing into their trailer because of the intense response from this transmission when the gears are engaged. Complaints have also been expressed about Eaton Products and how it shifts through every gear. The Volvo I-shift will skipshift and is very smooth in starting and shifting through the gears. It also has numerous programable features such as hill start assist (holding the brake until the fuel pedals is pressed), eco-shift (allowing the truck to run at Idol when going down a grade, fuel saver) and one of the most aggressive engine brakes to date. I-shift stands for Inteligent Shift and is definately a joy to operate. If you have the opportunity to drive one or if you are ever in NW Ohio, stop by and I'll take you on a test drive with one.

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