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.....check out commercial trailer manufactures.....there is no more FRP on commercial unites because of blisters from water entering the stack.....Tape jobs are own the way out as the VHB doesn't do well in the sun over time...seems all the new commercial stuff is riveted to steel or aluminum.....RV stuff is screwed and what I have seen lately it is also bonded for weather tightness....though the unite is not built for a long life like a commercial trailer is....maybe 5 year life with the original owner and maybe 5 years up on blocks after that.....the bonded stuff is still out there but why? is cheap to build but _does_ break down with moisture from inside and out....A lot of people forget about the inside moisture issue and they rot/soak/grow moldy in usage unless ventilated properly- The Katerina trailers for example.....if ventilated there would not be the problems that they have and each trailer would have only increased in cost by $300 at the most[retail].....every MH/Trailer/TH/or any other unite should have a air to air heat exchanger that is in use when occupied for more than an hour.......geofkaye
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