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Thanks Blizz, good advice.

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Originally Posted by dgorila1 View Post
Nice build Mekanic! How much did you pay for the Uhaul box? I wonder how one would fit/look on the back of an HDT (would have to be one without the overhang)?
Ok so I have to tell you I consider myself a professional tightwad. I live by myself. and really watch big phurchases.
Now when I went to dream about this project I should tell you I have only tent camped up untill now, so what will make me comfortable is probibly on a whole different level than what most people who have RVs level of comfort.
I do not plan on installing a bathroom or even a sink in my vehicle.
Just a nice big comfy (queen size) bed, fridge, Microwave, genset, 110V outlets, flatscreen TV, dvd player and a fold down table.
So I found a 1994 F-700 with a 32,700 GVW which is a little higher than I wanted but it has the 5.9L cummins that I wanted. the truck has 107K on it and it runs like new. No A/C but I can live with that.
Truck?? Try $2500. No joke.
The box is your typical U-hbaul box it is not dent free but doesn't look to bad.
The box was $1500.
I have bought 3 windows on Fleabay for less than $100 INCLUDING shipping!
these are camper windows really not house windows.
All in all I should end up with less than 8,000 in this truck.
I kind of like the heavyness of the truck as I could tow basicly anything I can attach to the bumper hitch without a problem.
This truck has a double frame and good air brakes.

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Nice! Keep us updated with plenty of pics as you progress and your final total cost.
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I think there are 2 routes to this hobby,

One like mine and many of the others with commercial T/C's. Guys that buy or build our RV's to travel cross country and spend time with wive and children, most of us have been down the standard RV motor home route and found their quality, power and design lacking; so we invest in a project or purchase a T/C to meet those needs with as much attention to detail and creature comforts as a commercial RV.

The flip side, guys like Mekanic just wants a fun cheap project to camp locally, and maybe tow a race car to the track, or dune-buggy to the sand and have a place to sleep in comfort when the day is over. They require nothing fancy, and are ok with the "look". Because they fit in with the others that are out racing, dune-bugging or motorcycling with them. I fact the toughness of their truck look might even be a added bonus.

Different stroke for different folks, both have pluses and minuses.

I just get concerned when I see someone mentioning that they are going to buy a wore out foundation in the form of a beat up U-haul, to build an expensive project atop it. winding up with a 30K RV that they could have just bought from RJ for 15.

More than one guy has mentioned my build as their "inspiration" or something to that effect, while I'm flattered, I don't think that is warranted, I'm just a guy that started a project with a plan, and a budget, then blew the budget all to hell. and I feel that once I've recovered from the poison ivy patch it should be my job to warn others of the leafy weed.

Its all fun...
2001 GMC 6500 Topkick, 22' box, dropped frame, designed to fit into a 9' garage door. 3126 CAT 6spd Man Lo-Pro 19.5's w/ 3.07 rear axle ratio
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I've said it before and I'll repeat. The RV parts industry is DEAD! Call the manufacturers and buy direct. Don't be shy, they're hurting and will sell to anyone. The windows, doors, shower, water pump, seals, generator, walls, etc. can all be bought for a fraction. My truck may not be the glamor ride, but I bought the truck for 9k and conversion for 11k. I have 20k in a truck that will last for years and has already saved me tons of money on the road.

I've owned entertainer coaches, and I now have the pseudo toy hauler. Both have their purpose, but one can cost way more than the other.
Doc Weaver '98 Freightliner FL60 pseudo toy hauler
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One other thing to keep in mind is licensing. Be sure to go to the BMV or courthouse in your state and find out the specifics of licensing as a motorhome. Be very sure you are getting the correct information because most of the personnel there tend to be very undereducated on the issue. You may find you need to install that bathroom or at least a sink with running water after all. The laws vary wildly from state to state, and trust me you do not want to be forced to license commercial and deal with logs, scales, etc., you will want to change the title to a motorhome.

Here in Ohio it is pretty simple. You have an affidavit to fill out at the courthouse and must have: a- a permanent bed, b- permanent cold storage for food (which can be an ice box or refrigerator) c- permanent table with seating and 4- permanent cooking (either range top or oven). And permanent means permanent means permanently installed, a cooler and bbq grill and a camp potty do not count. In Ohio you used to have to have it inspected by the highway patrol, but now you just fill out the paperwork. That is the exception to the rule, most states require inspection.

Definitely something you need to check out in advance, it would really suck to have to put in a bathroom after everything else was all done.

Good Luck! Dave
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One other thing. Even tho you don't want a sink now, maybe consider putting one in. You might decide down the road you'd want one and it would be much more expensive and difficult to do. Or, something catastrophic might happen and you'd have to sell it and with no sink it could make it much harder to sell. It will also likely satisfy one of the requirements to license as an rv. My rig was built with just a cook top, no gas oven. I'm now in the middle of building in an oven and I sure wish they would have just built it that way from the get go. And the sink I think would be even harder.

'03 Freightliner FL112, 295" wheel base, with '03 United Specialties 26' living quarters, single screw, Cat C12 430 h/p 1650 torque, Eaton 10speed , 3.42 rear axle ratio
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