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chuck 02-23-2003 06:31 AM

Prior to taking off to a ski trip in Montana and some hiking in the Coos bay area of Oregon, I added a toy and some, lights to my 610.

The toy was an XM satellite radio. This is way cool, 170 plus stations of any kind of music sportsl, news, and weather. I also took out the Delco cassett deck and replaced with an am/fm cd player that I could hook the XM receiver up to directly. I got the Sony XM which has a unit that I can bring into the 5th wheel with me and receive sat radio there as well. Great addition.

The second add was additoinal driving lights. I have not be overly impressed with the standard Volvo headlights, they have very little light out to the side making direction signs difficult to pick up. I lurk on the MAK bus conversion site, and they have had several discussions about head lamp replacement etc.

I called the US distributor for Cibie headlights and asked for his recomendations. Instead of adding fog lamps and driving lights I added another set of high/low beam e-spec head lamps. These are the "Oscar H4 chrome v-Cibie". They are just slightly under 7 inches in diameter and I mounted them where the fog lamps would be on the Volvo Bumper. Took a little cutting as they are round, vs rectangular but the results look good.

E-spec lights have a very definitive cut off, have much better optics and reflectors, give a lot of light to the side. I went to the Volvo dealer and got a couple of extra switches (27$ a piece - I gotta find a salvage yard somewhere close by) and wired the lamps so when the normal low beams are on, I can have these on or off, and when the high beams are on, I have the option of using the e-spec lamps or not.

After 2600 miles and a lot at night. Great addition. No one flashed me when I had both sets of low beams on, and I a lot more light going down the road. for lights (Gunther is the contact - good guy and very knowledgeable)

Not cheap!!



Somewhere I have a link to an excellent article on e-spec lights but I think it is in my volvo which is 1600 miles from me, as I am back in Mn for a couple of weeks.

OLDphoneman 02-23-2003 08:50 AM

Hi Chuck -- --

I to have thought about changing out the radio. When I used to long haul -- I aquired quite a collection of cassetts though -- so I'm still on the fence on this one. As to music in the 5th wheel -- I hardly turn on the entertainment center -- and I can get radio over the satellite. We'll see as time goes on on this one though.

I to have thought about augmenting the lights on the tractor. I've thought like you -- about using those 4-rectangular driving light cutouts for something. I would like to see a finished picture of yours -- and I'm glad they have worked out for you.

I was in Coos Bay yesterday (Sat.) to 2 businesses -- and heard from both -- that there is another RED Volvo running around converted to 2 - axle with a bed on it. They both thought it was mine -- until they saw the rear -- and no fenders and a bed -- YOURS ?? ?? ??

To bad -- our paths didn't cross -- as we were in Winchester Bay for 2 - weeks at Salmon Harbor -- You can't go wrong staying there -- check out the pictures I've posted.

If you're in the area drop me an e-mail -- I'm back to work tomorrow (Sic!!) Oh Well ......

By the way -- SOON there won't be any mistaking Ol Red from anyone else's ..... Thats all for now ......... :^)

Tootles .......


chuck 02-25-2003 05:48 AM

OPM: That was/is my truck in Coos Bay. I am back in Mn but the truck is in Coos Bay being pin striped and lettered. I am flying back out on the 10th and will spend a week bumming up and down the coast.

Where are you, maybe we can hook up.

I saw a Newmar Mountain Aire this weekend that I have fallen in lust with, that will probably end up being my fiver of choice.


OLDphoneman 02-25-2003 05:29 PM

Hey Hot Rod -- (Chuck) ..........

I have it on good authority -- that your speedo might be off 10 -- 20 -- maybe even 30 MPH .. :^D

Pinstripped Huh ?? ?? Thats Sweet !! You should have perhaps gone here:

And had that Baby -- Slam Wrapped !! !!

Or gone here:

And had that Baby FLAMMED !! !!

RV show this weekend at the Fair Grounds in Eugene !! !!

I'm in Florence -- Where we are having some Sweet weather -- 55 and clear skys today !! !!

Minnesota -- I was born in Bloomington -- raised on a farm in Maple Lake .. No NO -- TO COLD !! !!

If you've the time -- here's how to get ahold of me:


Back to polishin Ol Red -- We're goin to make some smoke -- and head for the RV Show Saturday !! !!

You really ot to get that speedo checked :^D

Tootles .......


chuck 02-26-2003 07:15 AM

re Flames:

Artworks unlimited is where I am going to have the pin stiping done. Patrick is a lad from Wis. and so is his bride. Not sure why all the midwesterners end up in Oregon. It is 10 above and gorgeous today.

Let me know about the mods to your M-11, I just knew we were going to get into a war with those oversize fuel eating N-14s.

I think my speedo is conservative.



onezman 02-26-2003 06:45 PM

Fuel eating N 14's???? Settle down now.... My buyers from South Carolina got 11+ MPG on their trip home from KC to South Carolina. My buyers from Arizona got 9.6 MPG on their 1400 mile trip back to Arizona. (Lead feet?) Both Volvos have N 14 ESP+ 370/435, 1450/1550 variable HP/torque engines. This mileage shouldn't change more than maybe 1 MPG tops when towing a light load like a 20K+ fiver.

That's right there with M 11's. I like um both. Oldphoneman got 13+ MPG on his trip home with his Volvo/400 M 11. That's better than I ever got. Don't know how he did it. High 12s was my best ever with M 11s.

I hear pin striping adds about 10 MPH to your top speed though. 20 MPH if you pinstripe BOTH sides of the truck. =;O)---->


[This message was edited by onezman on February 26, 2003 at 10:07 PM.]

OLDphoneman 02-27-2003 05:21 PM

Yea -- But Larry ........ Speedo only goes to 80 -- I've Had Ol Red past that already(Once!!) Just to say I've burried it ... :^)

Mileage -- 13.44 MPG !! Bobtail from SLC to Florence !!
Secret: Keep the Rev's LOW -- keep speed down and use the cruze control and don't stop -- Just keep Rollin !!

I'm used to a "bit more power" though -- I'm also used to pulling 105,000 with an 8 axle tractor/trailer ...... So things are somewhat different -- like mileage -- try 4.75 MPG -- Ug ......

Thats why I keep thinking of massaging mine -- Cummins site says I can take it to 500 HP and 1550 Ft Pounds ...... Early on -- I called 2 Cummins Shop's and asked about this -- Never got a diffinitative answer -- or cost ..... Most likely injectors/turbo and ECM flash. But -- This leads to other problems -- MORE soot -- sure glad I got a smooth sided 5th wheel !! EGT's and mileage would change to .......

Coming home this last trip -- there is one hill that I did drop 1 mile per hour 65 to 64 ....... 2nd time I've gone over this hill loaded -- but this time ... the gear oils were not hot yet. I'll attribute the loss to this ........ but it did start me to think about POWER Again !!

Well -- Ol Red is all polished -- and It's going to rain tomorrow night -- guess I'll leave it in the shop -- and take the Outback to the RV show Saturday -- I'm not comfortable in that car .. but -- I'm not ready to polish her twice in 2 - weeks either !!

Tootles ......


onezman 02-27-2003 08:12 PM


I drove a 99 Volvo w/M11 400 bobtail from SLC to the Oregon State line, then back across Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Missouri to KC. The speed limit through most of those States is 75. I cruised 77 where traffic allowed. I got 11+ MPG overall. Not too bad.

If you want some serious HP, check out the site below. This guy also also wrote a book called "Horse power and Torque" It's an interesting read. He primarily builds high HP mechanical Cummins engines as opposed to Electronic Cummins engines. Still, he will know what you can do and what it will cost.


OLDphoneman 02-28-2003 03:44 PM

Hi Larry -- --

That is good mileage -- considering the speed you maintained !! I'm always worried about spitting a tread on the drive --- I did that a few years ago -- in Texas .... A lot of damage !!

I looked at your link -- interesting reading as you say -- but .. "No Help" for the punny M11 !!

Here's a link for those who may want to do some more exploring along these same lines: Performance)

You've "Peaked" my interest -- again ..... So I fired-off an e-mail to TST ..... asking if there is any "Help" for the M11 Plus. If anyone knows -- Mr. Chappell will !!

I'll post his response here .......

Tootles .......


chuck 03-05-2003 06:53 AM

The expression flaming red has just taken on a whole new meaning. No one will will miss Chucker when he is comming down the road.

Pictures hopefully today, or maybe later next week.


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