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Hello Festus,

Can you call me so we can discuss your application and needs. I currently have 13 tandem units in stock w/ Volvo VE D13 485hp engine, Volvo I-Shift 12 spd Automated Trans, 342" WB, Double Frame, and ready for delivery and I also have some clients that specialize in the Equine market. I can work directly with the manufacturer to save you the additional expense of F.E.T.(Federal Excise Tax)or sell the unit directly to the end customer. When Class 8, incomplete, commercial vehicles are sold, the client has to sign an F.E.T. expemption form as the manufacturer. This is where the expense of a new truck chassis gets too much but having the exemption makes it more reasonable.

If you need any additional information please contact me or I can respond back in this forum.


My contact info is;

Jeff Tackett

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Originally posted by geofkaye:
...BIGT: IN THE MARKET TODAY YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO SELL YOUR AZZ TO MAKE A BUCK FOR VOLVO/YOURSELF....since early 2008 I haven't even had a buyer ask about a new truck...only used stuff and how to find it and get it here + financed.....Freight shaker locally is the only dealer that will even try to get a truck for me....the others at World Wide won't even search or in a lot of cases return calls....they want to do an as-is+pay for drive-away up front and still get big bucks without working/going over the truck or even cleaning it after the road trip....Arrow doesn't have a warranty that is worth the toilet paper it is written on...I spent 2 hours with them at the Louisville Truck Show-also might see them at Dallas-if they are still alive....most of their old sales staff are kaput!...If it wasn't for a good friend at Freightliner I couldn't afford or even find a reasonable deal....the economy is in the toilet-new unites are not even considered for conversion and the dollar makes all the of luck with anything new-even with a automatic transmissions and dancing girlz on brass poles and flashing lites....maybe the very high end users will plunk down the pesos but around here everyone will take a super ten and a N-14 turned up and everything else is a matter of polish-paint-cloth-insulation with a bunch of aftermarket and custom stuff which is good for me but a PIA at times[a new M/C lifting crane is too much new-they want me to build one for $500-[less a discount] with a 28" hydraulic jack-like an engine lift and install it on a steel deck for costX10 including of luck in this market....geofkaye
...............but GK. how do you really feel???

Just kidding, I've yet to see you pull any punches.

Doc Weaver

Doc Weaver '98 Freightliner FL60 pseudo toy hauler
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Hey Geofkaye,

Your just an honest little fella huh. I definately know how bad the new market is today but be encouraged, I have seen a huge increase in new movement in the past 3-4 weeks. Hopefully it is sign of better days in the near future. With that said, I don't believe we will see a market like 2006 was in quite some time but Volvo is in a good spot with the new I-Shift and especially with all the changes that freightliner is going through with their chassis, models & axle restrictions.

I'm sorry about your problems with dealers but all I can ask for is that you give me a call and I will try and help. Funny, that is how I got established in this market is through customer service (Or just doing my job). A quick story. Doug, owner of Powerhouse, first called me 7 years ago now and asked about a used truck that I had in stock. I gave him all the information and represented the truck as honestly as possible and he bought the truck sight-un-seen. When the truck was delivered, it was exactly how it was suppose to be. Doug and I have become very good friends in the process and contrary to other stories that I have read in this forum, his plant has not burned down and he is still able to build high end coaches. He, like everyone, has just experienced a slow down and will get back on his feet. He is the one person in this industry that is always thinking outside the box and his ideas WORK.

I also got a call from haulmark about 5 years ago asking for a proposal on Volvo chassis. I got back with them that evening and they have been buying from me ever since. Mainly because I did my job and the dealers before had not been back to them for two weeks.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm tooting my own horn but I'm proud and excited to be part of this market. If you have any questinos or need me to look for some used equipment I will.

When it comes to buying between a new chassis or a used chassis, you will definately save some money with purchasing used equipment. This all depends on what you are willing to except from a used piece(ie mileage, year, etc...) A large concern that people should be aware of in buying a used over-the-road truck is that it will never have a large enough front axle capacity or the proper rear brake proportioning valve. Some people will say that if you just change the front tires to a higher weight rated tire that you will never have any problems. Not true, law enforcement is getting very strict in checking the GVW on the manufacturer sticker and not just by looking at the weight rating of the tire. Especially in this application. The problem with the brake proportioning valve is that on a normal over-the-road truck, it will put most of your braking on the front axle if it is not hooked too a trailer. This is a safety problem if your coach is trying to stop on just the smaller front brakes. Also, the cost of extending the frame and modifications are always signifcant and will never be the quality of a factory ordered chassis that we have engineered. So when looking for a used conversion, make sure that these areas have been addressed.

Feel free to call me if you have any additional questions or are looking for equipment.

Thanks for the input Geof,

Big T
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William here I would be very interested in stretched single axle Volvo w/I Shift.Im being directed to freightliner glider kit trucks.Pre-emission stuff please let me know something.Thanks Bill.
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Please note that this thread is 6 years old.
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Bill, maybe you should give Jeff a call at that 800 number above? Let us know what you find out.
'03 Freightliner FL112, 295" wheel base, with '03 United Specialties 26' living quarters, single screw, Cat C12 430 h/p 1650 torque, Eaton 10speed , 3.42 rear axle ratio
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William, I am a Volvo sales rep that is currently working with a motorhome company on a single rear axle chassis with an I-Shift. Please give me a call at (616) 583-3034 and we can discuss what you're looking for. Thank you, Brandon

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