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Do you like the handling of the converted 610s when bob tailing...
I note a lot of weight on the front axle and
with the very short wheel base does this create
problems such as on bumps with the back end trying to spin out also on wet roads have you noticed any problems, I noted someone had put a very heavy steel plate on the back frame rails,
I would think the heavier the better???

Does anyone know the wheel base of the truck with the rear axle assembly left on and the front removed compared to the rear removed and the front left on.....and the pros and cons of each....


I also noted Volvo dealers have a plan they call Gen 2 (to dispose of surplus used vehicles)
This might offset the worry of high maintainance
costs, they had extended warranty for selected used trucks, I guess it is similar to the Freightliner Select Truck plan...

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Does anyone know the wheel base of the truck with the rear axle assembly left on and the front removed compared to the rear removed and the front left on.....and the pros and cons of each....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
It is easy to figure if you remember that it's 52" between tandem axles, and the wheelbase of a truck with tandems is measured from front axle to CENTER of TRUNNION, which is the spot exactly between the two tandem axles. So, for example, on a 200" WB tandem axle tractor, if the forward axle is removed and rear left in place, ADD 26"(1/2 of 52") to the "old" WB number to get your present wheelbase of 226". Conversely, if the rear tandem is removed and forward axle left in place, SUBTRACT 26" from 200" to get your "new" WB of 174". I hope none of this confused anyone. I've gotta go thru this both ways every time I look at a truck just to explore the possibilities it has for me and my future conversion! Take care and have fun!
PS- Almost forgot! The advantage of removing the forward axle is getting rid of the power divider that sends power to the rearmost axle. The advantage of removing the rear axle is getting some frame overhang out the rear to put a bed or whatever on. Then you would still want to remove the forward axle and put the rear in its place.

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I'll address the bobtail question for you -- --

In a word or two -- No Problem.

Adding weight to the rear -- in my opinion -- this is a personal choice.

I would rather -- in the operation of this type of vehicle -- stress Defensive Driving. Safe speed for the conditions present -- not to exceed the posted speed limit.

I live in the Great North Wet -- the rainfall average here on the Coast is 90" a year. I drive defensively and with caution -- and Never use the cruse control - or jake in wet weather.

I also use an open lug tire on the drive. I've never had a problem (knock on wood) in wet/snow/ice.

As far as the ride -- It is a Tractor -- but .. the ride is very comfortable bobtail. Frankly -- I perfer to drive the tractor to my 2 - cars. I'm far more comfortable.

I would encourage you to somehow arrange for a ride. I gladly offer rides for those who are in the area and express an interest.

Happy Researching !! !!

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I haven't been to this site for a couple of days. I can't really add anything to Gary and OLDphoneman's responses. They are right on the money.

I think Volvo is including a 30 day warranty with certain trucks. That's not much help for RV guys. Any Volvo an RVer purchases, will probably still be in some sort of conversion process when the 30 days expire.

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