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ybmertz 06-29-2017 09:08 PM

convert straight truck to road tractor
I am converting a Freightliner chassis-cab to a road tractor, I have no problem mounting the 5th wheel and wiring the electrical plug, but I need help with hooking up the air lines for the trailer as to where to plumb in for the air lines and installing trailer brake valve. Any help is appreciated.

ChiefMechanicMark 07-30-2017 08:22 PM

There is quite a bit of added items needed to do this. You will most likely need to add another air tank for volume as well as changing the park brake release valve to a combination tractor trailer park brake release valve, a tractor protection valve and maybe even the service brake valve if it does not have the proper porting. My advice is get a schematic of a tractor trailer brake air system (You can find them online) and adhere to it precisely. Don't scrimp on air line sizes and if it was me I would get either multiple colored airlines or at least get some colored electrical tape to be able to label each line to keep the system easily identifiable as when you start routing lines it will be easier to follow your schematic. Good Luck.

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