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Going back to the video here above, some features are a "no-no" to me : there is no permanent bed accomodation, the kitchen is waaay too big either...

We cook maybe 2 hours a day, we wash ourselves 30 minutes a day, while we sleep 8 hours a day or sit in a sofa for hours too.

So, what's important in a RV?

Sofa/settees and beds!

I've had 20 years ago a Chevrolet Van, I kept it for two years, it had to go away, because the lack of a permanent bed.

When weather allows, quite easy, a pair of chairs and a table outside, but when it's rainy, staying inside was a PITA, when one wanted to take a nap, impossible for the other to sit anywhere.

In a 20' box, there is enough space to put all the stuff I mentioned here, by downsizing the bathroom and kitchen to a minimum.

This, of course, suits my need, I agree your needs are/may be differents.

Just sayin'...
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