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Yes, the roof vents are readily available here. However, I need to vent the bathroom through the floor because I need to keep the roof flush. The reason is I'm going to cover the existing fiberglass roof with .125" diamond plate aluminum. The purpose is to create a reasonably non-slip surface for an observation deck (upon which we can walk).

Toward that goal, I have purchased additional roof bows. I am fortunate to be in consultation with the foreman at a local company that makes mobile command centers for various government agencies. He will also guide me in making a slide out for the left side of the box. However, that decision has still not been made.

Anyway, while he says the additional roof-bows were not necessary, he agrees that because I've already purchased them I may as well install them. The added structure (the bows are made of stamped 18GA steel) adds weight up high (where it's not good) but only amounts to about 75lbs. However, this will greatly stiffen the structure when walked on.

The diamond plate at 2lbs/sq ft adds another 400lbs. While adding weight high on the box is less than ideal, the total is a flea on an elephant's back compared to what the truck is meant to transport. And the benefit to me of an observation deck adds greatly to the utility of the rig because it gives me a platform from which to film.

Finally, the reason for such a large gray water tank (60g is ~225L) is due to the potable water supply being 150g (560L). For weekend events I only expect to use 50g of potable water (two people showers 2X/day X 2-3 days plus other demands) but there are two events with a one week duration. And for those, having plenty of water will be a blessing.

This, especially because I am thinking of an underbox-mounted swing out sink for purpose of a makeshift mudroom, e.g. clean up during the day Especially because sometimes I like to go ride dirt bikes. Anyway, this sink (if it's really installed) would just drain straight to the ground. Again, I need to acquire experience before making this decision.
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