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This is soo much fun shopping for a truck, isn't it?[/QUOTE]

yep shopping around is such fun!
We actually was in Wisconsen yesterday and looked over a Wanderlodge Bus, then stopped by a freightliner M2 with a Pony Express coach, it was a08 or 09??? with the Mercedes engine and a ten speed auto
this week we are looking at one right next to us about 30 miles away
it has over a million miles.
We really like the pony express coach we looked at today, but out of our price range.

the one we are going to go look at is at this link
Toter Home - Nex-Tech Classifieds

We think it looks clean and nice, has a lot of miles, it may be to short and it does not have slides, but we really do not know what we are wanting so we are going to look it over.
the miles seem like a lot to us.
Cliff & Wendy
we do not have a rig yet
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