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Dave, when I looked at it it was on consignment at Buses For Sale at - Buy Buses and Sell Buses . The guy that owned it lived in Mound, MN. I'm not sure if it's still on consignment at buses or the owner has taken it back? Seems kind of funny if they kept the ad at buses after the owner took it back. But, it looks like the lister on racingjunk just joined there in Feb. '12. And I'm pretty sure the owner of busesandmore is Ralph Dickenson and I'm pretty sure he's been putting rigs on racingjunk for a long time. Ralph is a very nice guy, from my several meetings with him. Seems pretty honest to me. I wasn't worried about working with him. I had no contact with the owner, other than talking to him on the phone about a year prior when I saw the rig driving down the road with a for sale sign and phone number on the side and called him. The odometer showed mid 700k when I was looking at it. Ralph told me it had had an in frame a couple hundred k ago. He had no paperwork on it but thought the owner should have that. When I was looking at it I wasn't very smart about this stuff. I would want to now see any proof of a rebuild. And I'd take it to a shop that can do a dyno on it and get an oil analysis. If you wanted me to I'd be happy to go to the truck and draw an oil sample and have it analyzed. I can buy a sample kit at my nearby Kenworth dealer for about $20. And I don't mind driving over to get the oil. This way you'd be assured it's an honest sample, not some oil he got from some other engine. You should call him and ask him about the engine rebuild too? The Showhauler builds seem real nice to me. I like this layout too.

It's not too far out of your way to come through MN. Are you driving on this shopping trip? When are you coming through? I'm going to co-drive the One Lap of America - the Official Webpage with my son and that's going to tie us up for the first 2 weeks of May. Seems to me you're coming over in May?
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