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Thanks Doc, I agree. I am totally surprised by the way it went. Incredible. JohnnyT is the moderator there. This is the private message he sent me early when I made a mistake and followed Dutch's advice to post it in the general rv section:

Your are not permitted to double post the same message in mutiple forums.

The reality is that there is a forum for large truck conversions .. It is the super C section of the class C forum...The reality is that most class C's are truck conversions... The Super C section is intended to cover the larger truck conversions...

JohnnyT Moderator

Not very well informed there for a moderator.

So then a bit later he sends me this message (see my response to it too):

I have moved your thread over to the Class C Forum in the Super C section... Your thread had a good airing in class A but the discussions do not seem to be productive any longer...

As I posted, the super C section of the class C forum is intended to include all of the larger trucks which would include road tractor conversions. That was the intention when I went to sub categories in class C.

I will continue to follow the thread since I moderate both the class A and Class C forum.

While I understand your interest in having a dedicated forum on I believe that issues related to chassis, and drive train are better served on other venues since we do not have many members with road tractors under their motorhomes.

I also understand that your motorhome has more similarity to a large DP. In terms of brakes, some portion of suspension and engine than a conventional class C or super C. The Chassis under a class A DP is designed for that purpose. In the case of class C a truck chassis is modified to accept a house on top of it. The super C category is intended to include the larger truck chassis.

I am sorry the outcome of your thread was not what you were hoping for.

You are free to post on either the class A or class C forums since there is overlap on the RV portion.

The best opportunity to get Road Tractor RV conversions considered as a sub category or forum is for there to be enough volume or members to warrant expanding to encompass road tractor conversions.

Bob, I well understand the differences between your truck chassis and those of the typical Super C our Industrial/Agricultural Machinery dealership owns and operates and services our 8 road tractors. Plus two tri axle dumps.

JohnnyT Moderator

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That's fine moving it. Remember in the original post I wondered where it should go and asked for the moderator to put it there.

There clearly are several forum users that have t/c's and have said they would like a section. How many people does it take to get the section? Would a poll be appropriate? I don't know if this software has a poll capability.

Wow, more close mindedness and lack of knowledge.

Finally he sends me this private message (and see my response to it):

I have closed this thread since the discussion is not productive.

JohnnyT Moderator

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Subject: RE: How about a Truck Conversion section?

It's too bad some of the members chose to violate the forum rules and flame me. I actually am very surprised the direction the topic took. I just can't fathom why there was any objection to creating a section in the first place. It only seems logical to have a section since they are clearly a unique chassis and the forum users could certainly benefit from such a section. Thank you for the close. I'm sure you will notify those offenders of their violations.

What a disheartening forum there.

Doc, I was careful not to post for fear that they would ban me saying I'm violating their rules. Now I don't really care if they ban me, other than I've never been banned from any forum and don't want to start I guess. I absolutely had no idea there would be any objection to creating a section there. I figured it would be common sense and they would gladly create one. Wow, was I wrong. I am now torn between continuing to post and cleverly spreading the gospel of t/c's? Or just leaving while "stumping" my feet and holding my breath.
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