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Ha, I hear you on that issue of ticking. I'm too much of a fighter I guess. I thrive on opposition. Guess that's why I like my cop job soo much? I actually just started reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Wow, what a great book. I should have read it before that problem I started over there. I'm a new man, at least trying to be a new man.

Doc, I sent a pm to the moderator listed in that section asking why my post had been deleted. He replied that he didn't delete it and I should ask the moderator of that forum. Since I had started reading the book I decided not to point out to him that he's the first moderator listed in that section. I just pm'd the next moderator listed and asked him why my post had been deleted and I hadn't even been notified of such. He replied that he wasn't the one that removed my post and he'd try to find out who did. That was on 7-11-10. No word from anybody since then. I quit hanging around there and posting. No plans to go back except to read my pm if anybody were to reply to me about that.
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